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Mars Towing Los Angeles, one of the towing companies that are consisting of a professional and well-experienced team dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers. Our state-of-the-art convoy is composed of licensed and certified towing operators.

Mars Towing professional operators have on-going skills training and random drug testing. You rest assured that they will offer reliable and cheap towing service around Los Angeles. We, at Mars Towing Los Angeles, do have tow dollies, flatbed trucks and any other equipment and tool which they maintain and check now and then. Aforementioned is to give everyone the assurance that you trust the right company.

Our Vision

Our vision here is to be one of the leading companies you would remember every time you need roadside assistance or towing services. We are going to have the chance to build a long-term relationship with you as our valued clients and customers. Not only that, we want also to be your partner in loading, delivering and transporting your car or any vehicle according to the time that we have both agreed at a very competitive price. That goes along with the confidence and guarantee that the entire assets are in a competent and safe hand. We are ready anytime since are phones are being manned all the time, and we are not using any kind of answering machine. At Mars Towing Los Angeles, we believe that we must provide hands-on services, utilized advanced and updated types of machinery as well as free of damage machinery.

Our Services

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What We Do

Mars Towing Los Angeles is locally owned and operated the company in Los Angeles. Are you looking for the best company that can help you tow in or out of the area? Have you experienced in your entire life to be run out of gas and then need some refueling service?

There are instances that your cars don't just need to start all over again or just require to change its battery. Mars Towing Los Angeles, as well as other associated company, is a team of dedication and commitment. We provide high quality and round the clock towing services you would be loved to have on your side in emergency times. Our technician gives a wide selection of auto services from car lockouts to the emergency roadside assistance as well as a long distance type of towing. They are all available on any point or location around Los Angeles, California. This will definitely result in a quick response anytime

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Vehicle Towing

Mars Towing Los Angeles as one of the most trusted company in Roadside Assistance and Vehicle Recovery gives you the assurance that your cars are secured and safe. Through the years of their experience as well as different kind of accreditation coming from the different agencies of the local government, the guarantee of excellence is really evident. They don't understand how stressful is to be stuck and suffer all the consequences that are related to it. But the thing here is that there are certain towing companies who took advantage of the situation and offer you hazardous and detrimental services on your vehicles. Not only that, stories scary and thrilling stories about Service Company, who offers careless and uninsured services were roaming around. So, if you accidentally hire one of these companies, they may cause your vehicle's permanent damage as they manage to transport and load them.

So, if you to get it done in the right way, it is better to leave everything with Mars Towing Los Angeles. This company has already proven itself in giving premier and superior service over the entire city.


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Collision Recovery

Well, an accident may happen anytime, and it is one of the inevitable things that we cannot predict when will happen. Mars Towing Los Angeles will not only make sure that your vehicles be towed safely, we'll also take it to the shop you will pick or recommend. That will ensure that your vehicle will be repaired as fast as possible. Also to this, we can look for car rental service for you within the area so you can still go and continues your business or any appointment you had for that day

Thus, any time most especially when you are in an emergency, call Mars Towing Los Angeles at 323-745-829. We will be glad to render our service for you quickly. Find out more information about us at

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Qualified Employees for Qualified Los Angeles Towing Services

The workforce is an important aspect of a company that can cater success. This is also considered as the heart of any company, which can be a great reason for obtaining customers loyalty. With this, Mars Towing Services in Los Angeles, our company is giving high attention to our workforce, who is our employees. They one of the reasons why many customers are looking forward to engaging with all provided services of our company. There is no doubt why there is an evident increase of loyal customers every year. It simply caters success in our company allowing us to give value really to our employees. When it comes to cost, they are providing an honest estimate and reasonable price. Values are also inculcated to every employee because we believe that our customers do not only keep on coming because of our quality service but also because of our well-grounded employees.

Upon knowing these things about our staff, you are assured that you can count on our capacity to cater your needs in a professional and excellent manner. We do not just provide quality service, but we also give you qualified employees who will do the job for you. When it comes to towing services, you have all the reason to consider our company. It will surely be a great mistake not to consider us, but it will be your best decision if you make an appointment with us for such field of work. You will never be in doubt in the capacity of our company to cater qualified Towing services in Los Angeles, CA.